Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cooper on the Comet!

Here is the blog post about the comet.  I also went on the comet at Hershey Park, PA.  The comet holds a record. The record it holds is 3rd highest hill. When you are going up the hill, you exceed about 80 or less mph. It’s really fun as you zoom down the hill!  There’s also other hills and as you get thrown around on the turns, you’ll love it. At the end, the roller coaster stops and waits for the other cart.  Once the other cart is here, you go back in, and you get to have a great day at Hershey Park, PA! 

My mom, dad, and cousin’s mom went on the Storm Runner and the Fahrenheit.  The second oddest roller coaster is the Fahrenheit. But the oddest is the Sidewinder.  You even go backwards and do a backwards loop!  And you don’t even think you are heading toward the loops until you feel you are going upside down. I’ve never been on the Sidewinder. You have to be a Jolly Rancher or a Twizzler to ride on it.  I am just a Reese’s Cup and I am almost a Hershey Bar.  Last year, my brother, Hayden got on the Wildcat.  The Wildcat is one of the biggest roller coasters in Hershey Park.  It doesn’t do any loops, but it does have a pretty big hill.  The Storm Runner is a very steep roller coaster.  The Great Bear has 4 loops!  The Lightning Racer makes you speed down a hill…a very steep hill. The trailblazer is just a very little roller coaster. 

See you there at the Comet!

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  1. Next time we go to Hershey, how bout' you and me go on the Great Bear.