Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cooper on the Comet!

Here is the blog post about the comet.  I also went on the comet at Hershey Park, PA.  The comet holds a record. The record it holds is 3rd highest hill. When you are going up the hill, you exceed about 80 or less mph. It’s really fun as you zoom down the hill!  There’s also other hills and as you get thrown around on the turns, you’ll love it. At the end, the roller coaster stops and waits for the other cart.  Once the other cart is here, you go back in, and you get to have a great day at Hershey Park, PA! 

My mom, dad, and cousin’s mom went on the Storm Runner and the Fahrenheit.  The second oddest roller coaster is the Fahrenheit. But the oddest is the Sidewinder.  You even go backwards and do a backwards loop!  And you don’t even think you are heading toward the loops until you feel you are going upside down. I’ve never been on the Sidewinder. You have to be a Jolly Rancher or a Twizzler to ride on it.  I am just a Reese’s Cup and I am almost a Hershey Bar.  Last year, my brother, Hayden got on the Wildcat.  The Wildcat is one of the biggest roller coasters in Hershey Park.  It doesn’t do any loops, but it does have a pretty big hill.  The Storm Runner is a very steep roller coaster.  The Great Bear has 4 loops!  The Lightning Racer makes you speed down a hill…a very steep hill. The trailblazer is just a very little roller coaster. 

See you there at the Comet!

Cooper on the Sooper Dooper Looper!


At Hershey Park, PA, I went on the Sooper Dooper Looper!  It was fun and I went upside down!  The Sooper Dooper Looper is a roller coaster with an upside down loop in it.  If you want to ride it, and you are a kid, you can get an “I survived the sooper dooper looper” shirt.  But, you have to ride it.  It’s awesome!  There’s lots of hills and even a loop. Close your eyes when you go on the loop—you’ll be tickled!  They have sooper dooper looper shirts at the Comet Hollow shop, at a souvenir shack, and at the Hershey Park factory.  And at the Hershey Park factory, there are also other prizes you can get. 

Here are some names of roller coasters: The Comet, the sooper dooper looper, the lightning racer, the wildcat, the sidewinder, the great bear, the storm runner, the fahrenheit, and the trailblazer.  There are 11 coasters there but I don’t remember the other two.  You can choose any of these roller coasters to get on, but if you want the shirt, you have to ride the sooper dooper looper.  Check out another blog post for tips about the Comet!

See you there!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

home run!

On my last day of tee-ball I  hit a home run of a pitch!  I was the first batter and on the second pitch i hit it and it bounced over the fence.I felt glad. we won 7 to 0. it was a great game! 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How the Universe Works

The Universe formed from a big ball of matter exploding.  This is known as the Big Bang.  The Universe’s bang did not sound like anything.  Because there is no air in space, that sound can’t travel.  Inside a vacuum, there is no sound.  If I were talking inside a vacuum, then this is what I would sound like:

{ n o t h i n g . }

That’s what I would sound like.  Supernovas are part of a dying super star.  But a hypernova is when a super giant turns into something called a hypernova—you heard that at the beginning of this sentence.  Then the hypernova forms into a black hole.  Black holes can even bend light!  Black holes rip things apart and the laws of physics break down and do not apply and time stops.  Anything that falls into a black hole gets spaghettified.  But in a super massive black hole, they rip apart stars.  And there is one at the center of our galaxy.  And the Andromeda galaxy.  And now, how the universe formed…

At the start of the universe, all matter was packed into an incredibly hot, dense ball.  And then, in fractions of a second, it imploded.  Then, streams of things that travel at the speed of light went everywhere!  And then, here is a battle between matter and anti-matter!  Anti-matter does the opposite of matter. Like, pretend there is an opposite of me…and if we shake hands together, we would all explode.  It was a really close battle.  Anti-matter had less the matter of matter.  And then, the first stars formed. But then, they exploded, forming black holes. And there was this one super massive black hole and the others went inside it as the super massive black hole ripped them inside.   And then it let in lots and lots and lots and lots of gas.  And it kept on going until the super  massive black hole could take no more gas. Then, it made the most powerful flame-throwing thing in the universe—streams of x-rays and gamma rays—until when things calmed down, it formed the very first galaxy.

As other galaxies formed, the planets started out as planetessimals, or really small planets. Until the planetessimal pieces knocked into each other and these became planets.  They all started out as ice, but the ones nearest to the sun heated up. Then we ended up with the small, rocky planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.  Farther away from the sun, it was cold enough for gas to hang around, so we ended up also with the large, gassy planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.  And I did not forget Pluto, Ceres, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris.  And then, the planets started to orbit.  Dwarf planets and Mercury have an oval shaped orbit, while the other planets have a round orbit.  A few billion years later, guess what happened?  Life evolved on Earth! And maybe on Mars! 

Saturn started out with 67 moons, but then, 7 of of the moons crashed into the planets, making the rings around Saturn!

Jupiter also had 64 moons, but then one of them crashed into the planet and formed a faint ring.  The same thing with Uranus and Neptune!  Jupiter now has 63 moons and Saturn has 60.  Uranus has 27.  Neptune has 13. 

By the way, Haumea does have 2 moons but Pluto has 3.  The two moons Haumea has are named Hi’aka and Namaka.  Pluto’s three moons are Charon, Nix, and Hydra.  Eris has one moon named Dysnomia.